There are correspondence games and online games. Every once in awhile, though, there is a big tournament.  This might be your club championship, a scholastic championship, or a huge prize tournament. It’s something with a little more important than your other chess play.

In this article, we’ll talk about some effective and practical ways to prepare for these tournaments. These techniques are helpful for chess play in general but are particularly useful when getting ready for a tournament that is very critical to you.

Get your beauty sleep.


It has been written many times about the significance of sleep and chess improvement. Even though sleep is vital all the time, in multiple-round tournaments over several days, it is crucial. With long-time controls and two or three rounds in 24 hours, you can be in a single match for five or six hours and be playing chess for up to 12 hours. Here are some of the advantages of proper sleep:

  • Enhanced cognitive functioning
  • Enhanced vigilance
  • Enhanced attention span 

Most adults require 8-9 hours of sleep at night and younger players might need more. This could be the most vital preparation for your tournament (as well as keeping up your other chess training).

Tactics Training

It is recommended that you increase your tactical training. The idea is to sharpen your tactical sword. 

You can mix a number of tactics training like your standard tactical problems that you have on Chess Tempo or Chessity, as well as checkmate issues and endgame studies to help enhance your visualization and calculation skills.

If you currently study a lot of tactics, you might not have to boost your volume. For example, if you are doing tactics for 60 minutes per day or more, it might be best to just keep that and work on some of the other training activities are stated.

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