When you join a chess club, you get to meet new people who may teach you new things.


You meet like-minded people and make new friends

This should be a reason to attend a chess club. One of the best things about chess is that it can be played by folks of any age and background. You don’t even need to speak the same language to be able to play a game. And this is precisely why you usually meet so many interesting people in chess clubs. The best part is you already have something in common to chat about.

You get used to playing chess on a real board

If you are a beginner to chess and have regularly been playing online, it’s a great idea to go to a local chess club in order to get more experience in playing chess in a tournament setting. Using the clock, not being able to take back moves and finding out about the proper chess etiquette will be very valuable for you when you go to your first tournament. You will be way more relaxed.

You can meet high-level players and get suggestions

You can get lucky and meet some high-level players in your local chess clubs. Nothing is more helpful than playing against a higher-ranked player who can share a suggestion or two with you. Some players are even delighted to offer to coach.

You get to play in local chess leagues

Most countries and areas have their own chess league. By enrolling in your local chess club, you can also attend these games that can be an excellent gateway for taking part in official chess tournaments. You also typically receive get your first chess rating. Also, playing chess in a team match is a very fun experience.

You get to borrow chess books and equipment 

Most chess clubs have a small library, as well as clocks and chess sets. Usually, they are quite open to lending material, such as boards, books, and clocks for their members so you can find some fabulous new training material to up your game.


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