Chess boxing is popular in different parts of the world such as Europe and Germany. 

In Which Countries Is It Most Popular?

The popularity of chess boxing has increased quickly over the past 14 years since its establishment.

This increase in popularity has been mainly prevalent in Europe. Its birthplace in Germany is one of the countries that has seen chess boxing thrive in recent years.

Chess boxing has also flourished in Russia, Great Britain, and India. This can be accredited to a huge number of the sport’s biggest names coming from those countries.

Chess and boxing also claim wide participation levels in their own right in these countries. So, it makes complete sense that a hybrid sport uniting the two would also become well-liked there.

What Training Is Required?

Being a hybrid sport, chess boxing needs participants to become experts in both sports involved. The intense practice of both sports is necessary. It is a rule within the sport that participants have to be accomplished to a particular standard in both disciplines if they want to compete. 

Participants must satisfy a minimum requirement for both boxing and chess to participate in a Chess Boxing Global event, with a record of at least 50 bouts in boxing and an Elo rating or an equivalent martial arts discipline.

Fighters are obliged to switch between the complex thinking of chess and the brute physicality of boxing during a fight. This denotes that training must copy the intense pressure fighters sustain during these fights.

Fighters have to train to be able to focus their thought process with an enhanced heart rate and with the adrenaline pumping when at the chessboard. Also, they have to practice changing from a resting position into a boxing bout at a quick pace.

In addition, specialized chess boxing training can be used. Interval training is extensively relied upon and speed chess games are frequently used during training to duplicate the conditions of a chess boxing fight.

Some competitors do still keep their old school training with a modest format of box sparring combined with speed chess.


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