Have you ever seen a dog in a film doing something incredible like playing chess and figured out, Wow, I wish my dog could do that!?

Well, this is the similar reaction that I had when I saw the movie Bingo as a child. In the film, Bingo plays chess with his owner. While watching it, I thought, How incredible it would be if I could teach my dog this trick? So that’s what I did.

A disclaimer: Your dog probably won’t be playing chess with you but instead taking pawns from the chessboard and dropping them in a box. It’s still pretty nice. If you film it the right way, with a little acting, it can look real.

This trick is fairly progressive so if you’ve never schooled your dog to do anything before then this might not be the one to begin with. But it can be something to work for since any dog can do it.

Obviously, you will need a chessboard to train your dog to do this trick. Make sure that the pawns are not made from a toxic materials since your dog will be moving them with his/her mouth.

You might also want to find a chessboard set that has larger-than-average pieces so that it’s easy for your dog to pick them up. Also, you have to be quite careful and make sure that your dog doesn’t swallow or chew the chess pieces. That would be very hazardous. So be careful and put your chessboard up when not training.

And one last important note: Keep your training sessions brief. Five to ten minutes is ideal for your three daily training sessions.

The trick: The lesson is to school your dog to pick up a pawn from the board and put it in a box beside it.

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