Chess Helps Your Child Focus

It’s a very involved and long game. My children enjoy it so much, they get so into it. You can see the wheels turning. The brain getting exercise.

Chess Develops Problems Solving Skills

What happens if you put your pawn there? Are you going to take it with your queen? How do you get to kill your opponent’s king? I’m always shocked when I’m busy focusing on a little pawn when abruptly my king is under attack. My son is great at attacking!

Chess Improves Your Memory

Just recalling how all the pieces move is plenty to stretch my memory. There are lots of other moves that you can study.

Playing Chess Uses both sides of Your Brain

Chess is a great exercise that uses both sides of your brain. As we get older we concentrate more on one side, the left side and let our brain’s right side get lazy. The more we use both sides of the brain, the better. Brains need to be used and exercised to operate at their full potential. .

Playing Chess Can Raise Your IQ.

Clever people play chess. That’s the truth.

Chess Teaches Planning and Fore Sight

Chess Aids with Strategy Thinking

Chess Enhances Your Attention Span

When you’re loving something, you’re concentrate longer. Do that frequently and you’ll develop your attention span.

Chess Improves Reading Skills

A study assessed reading performance in elementary schools and compared it with children who didn’t play chess. The children who played chess were above the national average in reading. I’m sure it’s all about getting all those parts of your brain working.

Chess Increases Creativity

Creativity is coupled with the right side of your brain. Chess helps your kids come up with creative thoughts.

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