Chess has all of a sudden become a very fashionable and young sport.

A match that took place in NYC between World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen and a Russian contender Sergey Karjakin has increased interest in chess all over the globe. The players’ fairly young ages were also somewhat responsible for the big audience that followed the match.

In order to be a top player you must begin early. At 13, Carlsen became a grandmaster. Karjakin claimed the title at 12. Even chess competitions for kids have become battles.

Can you make your child a grandmaster while they are still in school? Nothing is out of reach. Below are a few suggestions from Russian grandmasters Evgeni Vasiukov and Yana Melnikova.

Start at the age of 4

The perfect age to start playing chess is four. The first two years will be spent on realizing your child’s abilities. In this period it is enough to have two one-hour practice sessions a week. If by the age of six your child stands out among the rest, then add individual exercises to the group ones. If there isn’t any specific success, it is still worth practicing because chess enhances one’s concentration and mathematical abilities.

Chess should always be interesting

A child should never be obliged to practice. If they are not interested, there is any use. When learning how to play chess there should be a combination of practice and theory. Theory is vital. The children must have the basic skills, then their tactical vision must be enhanced so that they can see the many combinations. Planning for the child’s show must play a vital role so that from the beginning the chess player gets solid results. And practice can be made quite entertaining.

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