The FIDE has crowned Tuduetso Sabure the new Woman International Grandmaster (WGM). She was victorious at the Chess Championships-Africa.

Tuduetso Sabure

The good news was told to the BCF Botswana Chess Federation president Dabilani Buthali through email. The e-mail also validated that Sabure will be a part in the Women World Championships next year. Sabure won the Africa Championship in Lusaka, Zambia with a score of seven points from nine games.

The accomplishment saw her being crowned Woman International Master (WIM) with a GM norm. This is the top ranking ever in Botswana chess and news of Sabure’s advancement to WGM comes as a big bonus. It was sooner thought that after earning the African women title, she would have to win three more titles to get her final WGM norm.

But after seeing her impressive record before winning the Africa Championships, FIDE said that Sabure is WGM material. She is the 1st woman chess player to receive the WGM title in southern Africa. Sabure is presently I staying in her home village Maun.

After her win, she pledged to work hard to become a WGM. Her title award is a great Christmas present for a chess player who has worked vigorously in a field governed by men. Sabure has done quite well in three years and developed her game steadily. By the way, Botswana women chess players in the country are likely to do better than their male counterparts internationally.

Now, Botswana has four titled players, two women and two men. There is an opportunity or a 3rd woman getting a title after Ontiretse (Sabure’s sibling) ended joint second in the Junior Chess Championship-Africa.

The women with titles are Sabure and FM Boikhutso Mudongo. No Botswana chessman has got an IM title.

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