Many more YouTube videos are seen on mobile devices (mostly cellphones) than on laptop and desktop computers. A couple of months ago, Google stated that the bulk of its searches are now done on mobile devices in over 10 countries, including Japan and the US.

The mobile platform is only going to increase in the future. So, if you haven’t by now, it’s time to carry your chess game with you on your phone.

Here are the best chess apps available on the two major mobile platforms today. Chosen are the top chess apps of different types: streaming, beginners, games, clocks, and live chess. Of course, Magnus Carlsen, the world’s greatest chess player, gets his own category.

Chess Light

Chess Light is a distinct puzzle-solving game using chess moves as the solutions. It’s got a wonderful, user-friendly screen, and is fun to play. But it won’t enrich your chess ability. Or will it? At the very least, playing Chess Light will aid your board visualization skills.

Chess Live Wallpaper

Good-looking live chess images that react to your touch. You can use this as the wallpaper for your phone and make the image move and wave to relieve your chess stress.


Use this app to watch all the big broadcasts and events, as well as other online game you can think of. See the many event highlights accessible on Twitch and tap the follow button to be alerted when there is a live broadcast.

Chess for Kids

This app is ideal for beginners and students, concentrating on rules, basic lessons, and fundamentals. There are also some funny videos.

Play Magnus

This highly polished chess app is centered on the current world champion and the best player in chess, Magnus Carlsen. You can learn and play from the virtual Magnus at various simulated ages. Go to to get complete details.

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