Beginners’ Rules to the Opening!

There are numerous principles and rules for the three different phases of a chess game. However, the emphasis of this article is how to “get out of the gates” quickly. Obey these rules to begin your chess game correctly.

Rule #1 – Develop Your Pieces!

Developing means to create/build. Development, in chess language, means basically that at the start of the game, you should develop your position by having all of your pieces out as fast as possible. Using your entire army is a complete must when playing chess at a high level.

Rule #2 – Develop Your Pieces!

Yes, it’s the same as the 1st rule. What needs to be pointed out with this rule is which pieces you should be developing first. Truthfully, your “minor” pieces (bishops and knights) should come out first. They’re the simplest to develop, and because your queens and rooks can’t be in the game until later, you shouldn’t be thinking about moving your big guns until your little guns are in the game.

Rule #3 – To Develop Yes or No? DEVELOP!

Yes, development truly is that critical. Develop, develop, develop your pieces. Without the aid of your pieces, there’s no way you can possibly win. Here in this rule, the discussion is where you should be developing your pieces: To go over this idea, create in your thinking that the top place to develop your pieces is near the center.

You might or might not win when it comes to chess. Nonetheless, if you take the suggestions we provide here, which is basically to make sure you develop your pieces, you do have a chance of winning, even if you are a beginner. And over time, your chess playing will only get better and better!

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