Here are my dependable chess principles, things all beginning players should follow:

  1. Command the Center!

The center of the board is the squares E4, E5, D4 and D5. When you begin a game, put your pawns in the center to dwell in and control as many of these squares as you can. Location is key in chess.

  1. Develop Your Pieces as Soon as Possible!

Get your bishops and knights out ASAP. This should be completed before you attempt to checkmate your opponent, typically in the first 6 or 7 moves if doable.

  1. Castle Immediately!

Castle at the very first chance you get in order to guard your king. Remember, you can’t win if your king isn’t safe and you get checkmated first. Again, don’t forget to castle. After you castle, unite your rooks by developing your queen.

  1. Keep Your Pieces Protected!

Don’t have your pieces on board without protection. Every piece you have is quite valuable, so remember to safeguard them. Protecting necessitates if your opponent can take your piece, then you can take your opponent’s piece.

  1. Have Fun and Win with Grace, Lose with Dignity!

This is the saying in chess. Above all, chess should be fun. You’ll win and you’ll you lose. That’s how the game goes. When you win, show some class and don’t trash talk or ridicule your opponent. When you lose, show some maturity and not a sore loser. Shake hands and applaud your opponent. This will go a long way toward having a good friend.

Don’t disobey the opening principles of chess. Be sure to castle as soon as you can. If you don’t, you’ll later pay the price.

When you are attacking, be sure to use your pieces. By getting the rook into the action, white develops a winning attack.


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