Reach the summit of your chess game by understanding time-tested tactic and strategies. Study about the most customary tactical motifs, the vitalness of popular openings, chess strategy, and critical endgame theories. It’s all very crucial and may give you an upper hand in your next chess game.

Common Chess Tactics

Chess tactics are intended moves triggering the win of material, checkmate, or additional advantages.

An understanding of tactics is crucial to playing solid chess. Most games, notably at the club level, are determined by tactical mistakes.

Understanding the basic tactics in chess will aid you in two ways. It will let you benefit from your opponent’s mistakes while dodging your own. There are four simple tactics that every chess player should know.

Fool’s Mate – This is the quickest way to a checkmate and it take advantage of a few key mistakes by your opponent.

Forks – Knights are the best pieces to use for ‘forks’ because they can get rid of two opposing pieces in one move. You should remember that each piece on the board possesses forking ability.

Pins – You can also ‘pin’ your opponent’s pieces in and you can use your rooks, bishops, and queen to pull off this powerful move.

Skewers – Just the opposite, a ‘skewer’ is when you compel a valuable piece to move and at the same time your opponent leaves a lesser piece defenseless to attack.

Choose Your Strategy

No chess player can calculate a whole chess game from start to finish.

Even the top computer programs operating on the swiftest hardware can only “see” a certain number of moves ahead. Beyond what we can calculate, we must depend on strategy to teach and lead us in finding the best plans and moves in a given position.

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