Chess can be seen as a game for gifted people, it looks too complicated to play, and you may wonder why people play it at all. But really, anyone can play chess, it’s simply a matter of learning the game and having an open mind.

And if you learn how to play chess, there are definite brain benefits for you as well.

Playing chess actually improves brain function, improve your memory and your strategic thinking skills, and your ability to maintain attention to detail.


So what are some of the brain benefits to playing the game of chess?

  1. Chess provides a lot of mental stimulation and can give your mind a bit of a workout. If you want your brain to stay nimble, you need to exercise it. When you learn to play chess, you work one side of your brain because of the pattern recognition, and the other because of object recognition.Over time, because of the rules and techniques involved in the game, playing chess will exercise and develop both sides of your brain.
  2. Playing chess also improves your memory. A player will learn many strategies in chess, but you don’t tend to memorize all of them. But as you get better at playing, you develop an feeling of when to use a certain strategy and start adjusting past moves to better benefit the play. Improving memory helps in all areas of life.
  3. Strategic thinking skills improve as well. Chess is, by it’s very definition, a strategic and tactical game with both players making moves and trying to predict many moves into the future, as well as guessing the moves of their opponent. Improving your strategic skills helps you deal with negotiations with others, dealing with impending deadlines, and balancing out family responsibilities with others. Strategic thinking improves your academic and work environments, because everything is planned one step ahead and there’s always a plan B.
  4. Your attention skills will improve greatly. The game of chess demands close attention, if you are not focused then your opponent will have an advantage and will win. With such an immediate consequence for lack of attention, the mind is trained to be focused and attentive. This results in better performance in schools and workplaces, less time wasted and more victories achieved.

Chess is a great game to play, and there are so many benefits to playing the game to both your mind and your abilities in your personal and work life. Reach out and learn to play!

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