Chess is a very detailed, complicated game. Learning chess is a rewarding challenge for most people, and there is always room to improve your skills when it comes to playing the game. However, some can view chess as a high-brow game, and not useful for daily life. Especially if you don’t know anyone else that plays chess.

But chess can actually teach you some amazing life lessons, and these lessons can translate to success in other areas of your life. What kind of lessons can you learn from chess?

First of all, chess teaches you to make good, planned decisions. Every move you make has to be analyzed so that you can see several moves later, to ensure you are making the best moves at the moment. This translates to thinking more critically in your own life. You have to look at the decision you want to make, evaluate how that effects other people, and consider the next steps you will then have to take based on that decision. This improves critical thinking skills as well as the ability to think through the entire process of a discussion ahead of time. This is a good negotiating skill as well, the ability to consider your opponents moves into your decision plans.

Chess also teaches you that by making certain moves, you can entice your opponent into a certain direction. But notice that pushing a player into certain moves can allow your plans to be compromised. You need to be aware of immediate opportunities, but also plan for the long game. You don’t want to miss the trees for the forest so to speak, both are important.

Chess is a great sport, both for the mind to keep it nimble, and for life because it teaches you to be comfortable thinking strategically and having strong decisions.



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