When it comes to gift ideas for chess players, one usually considers chess sets or gift cases. But if you really want to be usual when it comes to birthdays and Christmas, there are some unique ideas that you can be on the look out for. Something that will stand out from the usual types of gifts chess players get!

  • Classic watch with chess pieces instead of the numbers, very classy and different.
  • Magnetic or travel chess set for the traveler in your life. These sets are a little smaller and have a convenient carrying case, plus you cannot go wrong with magnetic pieces.
  • LED light-up chess set, this set has chess pieces that light up on or near the chess board. Perfect to play chess at night and a great gift for high-tech lovers. Plus it makes a cool visual at night or even outside in the evening.
  • Chess themed bookends would fit nicely on their bookshelf. Get a set of Knight & Queen, this will look great on a mantle or open bookshelf.
  • Tech such as chess-themed phone cases or a chess piece USB flash drive – very unique.
  • Search for cool t-shirts that are a little outside of the box. A shirt can say “Always Protect Your Queen”, “King of the Board”, or “Choose Your Weapon”.

    There are all kinds of unusual gift ideas that are outside of the normal chess boards and sets, be creative for the special chess fan in your life!


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