Anybody can enroll in IchessU. All the tutorials and classes are offered by well-respected and experienced chess tutors. IchessU provided an assortment of tutorials, tackling a huge range of variety topics like time, money, and chess playing level.

Chess tutorials are very vital if you want to get your game to a better level. From beginners to masters, IchessU has tutorials and chess classes guaranteed to assist in improving your game. You can pick study group size, the number of formal chess training hours per month, the chess lesson subjects, and the study group size.

At IchessU, your training regimen will fit your requests..

The size of the group doesn’t disturb the quality of the chess lesson. The same chess tutorials can be provided to any group size. The only variance is the amount of personal attention you will get.

Chess tutorial requirements:

a somewhat modern computer


internet connection

a microphone and speakers

Chess experience

If you are a real chess beginner, never played or, perhaps you only understand how the pieces move, then you should take the beginner classes. The only requirements are a computer and an inclination to learn chess and have fun.

Intermediate chess players can’t just select a class in the intermediate or advanced chess levels. You have to supply IChessU with your player rating. We can use the ratings given by your national chess affiliate, school, or even one from your favorite online chess playing site. If the chess rating is not known, you can take the online chess test or ask our chess tutors to assess your playing skill and suggest a chess course level.

IChessU is an education place. Members are inspired to improve their chess, although it isn’t necessary to take chess lessons to be a paying member. You can use the chess platform to write a blog, play games, write a blog or solve chess puzzles.

To join IChessU, you must be over 18.

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