The game of chess has old roots, and there are numerous reasons why chess has stood the test of time. Besides being linked with increasing brainpower, playing chess has many other advantages that can enrich a senior’s health. Senior home care professionals have a few reasons your senior might want to learn chess and play it often.

Enhances Fine Motor Skills

After a major injury or stroke, a number of seniors lose some of their fine motor skills. Though it may look easy, the

                    Not just for the young!

act of shifting chess pieces across the board uses many joints, tendons, and muscles in the hands and wrists. Playing on a regular basis encourages these restricted movements, which can make a huge difference in a senior’s recovery.

Keeps the Mind Stimulated

The brain is now known as a big muscle that necessitates regular workouts to stay in shape. Planning, memorizing rules, and studying changing situations can all aid in keeping your loved one’s brain occupied. Research has shown seniors who play brain-boosting games are less likely to get dementia at 76 or older.

Gives a Sense of Purpose

After retirement, lots of seniors spend time pondering their purpose in life. Changes in health may have led them to forgo their hobbies they once loved but can no longer perform. Chess is an activity your loved one can look forward to each day. It can be played almost anywhere, which means your loved one can still love this activity even if she or he is in a wheelchair or is bedridden. Your senior can also set goals to work toward as he or she creates strategies and skills. Regardless if your loved one is looking forward to playing with a friend or a competition, chess offers motivation for seniors to face every day with an encouraging mindset.

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